15 ways to grow DJ business

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15 ways to grow DJ business

Use weekday downtime wisely: One of the great things about being a DJ is that you can plan your weeks to maximize your time. This is the time when you’re working on your business. Prospecting occurs during this time, so in addition to making outreach to past clients, visit facilities, kiss babies, clean your e-mail list. See who’s opening your e-mail blasts and find ways to make them convert.
Submit information to blogs: If you’ve ever attended a DJ Expo and sat in at a seminar and thought, “I can do this,” then you are a thought leader! And a thought leader is in a position of authority to solve client’s problems. So go searching through a wedding blog and offer useful comments. After a few times doing this, include a link to your site.
Reward existing customers: Send holiday and birthday cards with a personal message to all past customers, and highlight one of their personal interests that you had learned from working with them. Offer an exclusive incentive to your regular customers. Notify them via e-mail, and direct them to an otherwise inaccessible page on your website where the offer appears. This works best with corporate clients.
Encourage your customers to bring in new customers: Offer an incentive (like a discount) to customers who refer a new customer. Sound cheesy? It only needs to work once.
Make your website sing: If you haven’t added any new content to your site in six months, chances are the Google gods will think you’re dead. Frequently updated websites demonstrate to potential customers that yours is a vibrant business. Update it at least once a week, and look for ways it can be improved. Too often, small business websites load slowly, are poorly organized, and are difficult to navigate. Fix bottlenecks that discourage customers and look for Calls to Action (“Book Now!” or “Join 10,000 Satisfied Customers Today”). And make sure all links work.
Provide helpful information: If you’re unsure of what kind of content to update your website with, try loading up your site with tips, hints, reviews, and other information that can help drive sales. For example, you’re in the bridal business, you should have a FAQ section that can compete with anything Modern Bride Magazine provides its readers. Be useful, informative, and smart. Customers do all their research before they call any vendors, so be part of their solution.
Join local organizations that provide business networking opp

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