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DJ Blazintraxx with his Indianapolis roots, first discovered his passion for music and deejaying as a youth, growing up in the west suburbs of Chicago. Beginning at age thirteen, DJ Blazintraxx was deejaying parties for local high school students and friends. His love for music regularly brought him to downtown Chicago where he danced on the B-96 Dance Party Dance Show and was introduced to Chicago House music and some of Chicago’s well known deejays such as DJ Fast Eddie, Julian Jumping Perez, and Bad Boy Bill. It was these experiences that led DJ Blazintraxx to experiment with producing and mixing music.

DJ Blazintraxx eventually returned to his Indianapolis roots where he continued to discover more about the expansive music industry working as an A&R for a major record label. Simultaneously he gained several years of work experience in sales and marketing where DJ Blazintraxx learned the importance of building a rapport with customers to provide the highest level of service and entertainment.  It is the culmination of these life experiences that led DJ Blazintraxx to take his dream of owning a music production and deejay business to become a reality.

Out of years of perseverance, comes a highly talented, business savvy, and motivated DJ/Producer and songwriter ready to conquer the world. With years of experience in the music game working behind the scenes and a unique vision coming to the fore front, DJ Blazintraxx is setting out on his own with one thing in mind: success! Seeing the successes and failures of others and experiencing his own struggles, DJ Blazintraxx stands tall under the guidance of God, ready to elevate the level of music with his melodic sounds, Hot beats, and masterful mixes. The rest is up to you, the listeners, to be the judge of the rhythms coming through your speakers.