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Blazintraxx - Professional Dj Services
Blazintraxx - Professional Dj Services

Planning to add a unique, captivating feature to make your event or wedding or an even a lot more memorable event? Capture those memories with a photo booth of Blazintraxx Productions. We are innovative and stunning portrait photographers. During a wedding ceremony, we are non-invasive and enjoy capturing a blend of unposed, real memories along with some stylish traditional. We could provide many professional photographers to capture every angle as well as have long zoom lenses to make sure we are never detracting from your special day!

We provide candid camera photo booths with a professional photographer, рrорѕ, аnd custom bасkdrорѕ.

Alѕо аvаіlаblе аrе full bооthѕ with рrорѕ аnd assistant fоr the еvеnt. Our booth is stylish, user-friendly, up-to-date with modern technology, was produced by professional photographers as well as provides the best quality pictures that would wow your guests.

There are various things that make an entire Wedding Photography experience beautiful, however, one component that is often ignored by most people looking for a wedding photographer is what would happen once the pictures are taken.

Capturing and taking photos and editing pictures are two distinct expertise. We have professionals that specialize in both. Which means you will have specialists at both.

Not only you will get a professional photographer but we also have our different skilled editors to check if any pictures have to be retouched to ensure each moment becomes incredible, customized only for you.